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  1. We put an emphasis on active learning and the development of personal skills (understanding, practical experiences, skills connected with learning in real life, activities and experiences based on everyday life)

  2. We support communication, cooperation, creativity, curiosity, active approach, knowledge of oneself, learning about the world as well as holistic approach regarding child’s personal, social and emotional development

  3. Children will be taught to explore, question, look for information, develop self-assessment and evaluation skills, choose an active approach to work and help others as well as use feedback activities

  4. We develop children's

  5. Responsibility for their own development and progress,

  6. Patience and creativity,

  7. Communication and cooperation,

  8. Empathy, reverence as well as respect,

  9. Argumentation skills and critical thinking abilities

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PROCES GRAFY1 - en-01.png
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PROCES GRAFY1 - en-02.png
PROCES GRAFY1 exp-03.png
PROCES GRAFY1 - en-03.png
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