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About our school by CEO of SPEAK ACADEMY

‘Dear parents, dear students,


I am very happy that the time came when our idea becomes a reality. As the headmistress of the first bilingual, English-Slovak kindergarten SPEAK STAR, which has already been open for 12 years, I often received questions from parents. These questions were along the lines of, “Which elementary school should we enroll our child at?”


You asked this because you wanted to continue your bilingual education and progress in English as you did in kindergarten. Unfortunately, there was no such possibility in Banská Bystrica until now. That is why our experience, ideas, and our children’s unfulfilled needs will be transformed into the 1st bilingual, English-Slovak elementary school called SPEAK ACADEMY.


It is a modern as well as traditional school where children will be happy to go and where they will feel well. They will be able to grow here in terms of personality, linguistics, and knowledge.


Together with the SPEAK ACADEMY team, we want to respond to the needs of children, who live in current times, and bring them closer to modern 21st century education as well as effective access to information. Great emphasis is put on the quality of education, the environment and, of course, mutual communication. 


I believe that a successful school is being created and that together with you, dear parents, we will raise smart, self-confident, language-proficient children who will not be lost in the world. They will be successful and ready to live in a modern society.’

Jana Ocharovichová


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